Dear Mam/ Sir,
Please see the link below for online registration. You are kindly requested to complete the online in registration, accompanied with your company profile.

The Following Government Certificates must be attached with the soft copy of Company Profile.

1- Valid Commercial Registration / Incorporation Certificate
2- Valid Chamber of Commerce / Trade Association Membership Certificate
3- Valid Group Insurance Certificate (GOSI) - KSA Supplier Only
4- Zakat Certificate (For KSA based companies only)
5- Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Certificate
6- Saudization Certificate (For KSA based companies only)
7- Bank Details (name of bank, account number and IBAN number)
8- As per the Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Policy, we require your acknowledgment of this policy by signing on the attached Non-Disclosure Agreement

Guide Lines to Use The Supplier Portal

1. Bank Info / Details need to be entered
2. Business classification need to be entered
3. Enter DUNS number as CR number with prefix starting with 000
4. Enter Tax Registration Number
5. All supplier/ subcontractor details need to be capital letters
6. All supplier / subcontractor details need to be English only

In addition to the above please also provide your undertaking to comply with ESEC Whistle Blowing and Ethics Policy as per the attached specimen on your letterhead. Missing or expired Certificates will not be accepted.

Please be informed that failure to comply with the above will result in your company not being considered for inclusion in our vendor database.
Please find below the link for accessing the online Elseif Supplier Portal to provide the information accordingly.

New Supplier
Existing Supplier